Real-Time Collaborative Document Edition

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\BlueLaTeX Roadmap

The first stable release of \BlueLaTeX is not out yet. The first release candidate is planned for July 23rd 2014. This should be the first step toward the stable release. It includes:

  • a \BlueLaTeX server with core features allowing to:
    • manage user (registration, unregistration, …),
    • manage \LaTeX papers (creation, deletion, editing, sharing, …),
    • real-time synchronization between authors,
    • server-side compilation of \LaTeX files;
  • a complete web client giving ability to use all features of \BlueLaTeX,
  • an infrastructure allowing for future developments and improvements.

For the next version the currently planned features include:

  • different kind of documents (with support for markdown),
  • OAuth authentication into the service,
  • VCS integration,
  • more to come…

Any suggestion is welcome, you can contact us.