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Hi all,

We are really glad to announce the release of \BlueLaTeX in its version 1.0.1.

This is a maintenance release which fixes a lot of small problems in the web client, and improves the user experience.

Among other things, the differences are:

  • Improve messages (issues #138, #134)
  • Disallow “:” in username (issue #139)
  • Simplify the use of the web client (issue #135, #143, #146)
  • Fix other small but annoying bugs
  • Fix a lot of typo

Nothing should break, no configuration is to change, to update from a previous version, just replace the old binary directory by the new one.

You can retrieve the new version in the download section. RPM packages should be available soon, stay tuned for this by following us on twitter.

Thanks again to the contributors of this version, for your feedback on the previous version and your contributions on this one.

We would be happy to get feedback so that further versions can bring you anything you want in a real-time collaborative editor! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, problems or ideas.

The \BlueLaTeX Team.