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Hi all,

We are glad to announce the release of \BlueLaTeX in its version 1.0.0-RC1.

This is the first version intended to become a stable version. If no major problems are found on this version, it will become the official stable release 1.0.0.

To test it, simply download a binary package, install it, configure it and run it.

The main improvements since last milestone are:

  • Adding more system compilers, so that following compilers are available by default (#94):
    • latex,
    • pdflatex,
    • xelatex,
    • lualatex.
  • Improve configuration management, making configuration customizations easier to write (#55).
  • Making compilation of a paper explicit (#112). No background compilation is started, but processes are triggered by authors explicitly. Background processes can be enabled in the configuration if this is really wanted, but the default behavior is the more intuitive explicit one.
  • The web UI was greatly improved by (#83):
    • Adding tooltips on all buttons.
    • Removing useless entries from menus.
    • Allowing people to delete their account.
    • Upgrading versions of AngularJS, Ace.
    • Improving completion in the editor.
    • Improving SyncTeX support.
    • A lot more small-yet-awesome improvements.
  • Several bugs were fixed, among which these were critical:
    • Content could get lost when the window was abruptly closed (#108).
    • Data leak was possible by including content from other papers (#119).
    • Synchronization protocol badly encoded data sent as json objects (#107).
  • Several other bugs were fixed.
  • This version is packaged as something that can be really installed, packaging and building of distribution was made much much easier, one more step toward a stable product (#49) that can be started as a real daemon (#100).