Real-Time Collaborative Document Edition

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Installation and Start


\BlueLaTeX requires several dependencies to run:

  • The server being written in Scala you will need a JVM (version 1.7 or higher for the binary distribution, 1.6 or higher if you build it from source),
  • Users and paper data are saved in a couchdb database version 1.4.0 or higher,
  • You will also need to have access to a SMTP server to validate user registrations, so you might need to install one on your server if you do not want to use an external one,
  • Finally if you want to compile \LaTeX documents, you will need a \LaTeX distribution installed on your system. TeX Live is probably the best choice for Unix systems, and MiKTeX for Windows.

Installation from Debian Packages

We currently provide packages for debian wheezy.

To install the latest version for Debian Wheezy (7.7), run the following as root :

# cat << EOF > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/bluelatex-wheezy.list
deb http://deb.drouet.eu/ bluelatex-wheezy main
# uncomment the following line if needed
#deb-src http://deb.drouet.eu/ bluelatex-wheezy main
# wget -O - http://deb.drouet.eu/repository.asc | apt-key add -
# apt-get update

# apt-get install bluelatex

Installation from Binary Distribution Package

Download the latest version of \BlueLaTeX, and extract the archive.

An installation script is provided in the distribution, simply run it as root:

$ cd bluelatex-<version>
$ sudo ./install.sh

\BlueLaTeX is installed in /opt/bluelatex-<version>, and the configuration is located at /etc/opt/bluelatex.

Installation From the Source

You can either download the packaged sources of the last release on the download page or clone the current master.

You need sbt to build and package a distribution. Then, in the root directory of the repository simply run:

$ sbt 'project blue-dist' makeDistribution

The dependencies will be downloaded, everything will be compiled and the distribution will be packed in blue-dist/target/bluelatex-<version>.

If you encounter any problem to compile \BlueLaTeX, please refer to the developer corner.

And Then

You can now configure \BlueLaTeX to your needs and then start it.


A basic upgrade.sh script is provided in the binary archive. It will probably run correctly if you installed a previous version of \BlueLaTeX using install.sh without any modification.

Otherwise, the steps to upgrade are:

  1. Stop the previously installed \BlueLaTeX version,
  2. Package the new version as described previously,
  3. Deploy the new binaries and libraries (in bin/ and bundle/) to the target installation directory,
  4. Make a diff between the old configuration and the new one, and adapt if necessary.