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The \BlueLaTeX team will be participating to the Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint 2015 on 4-5 June 2015. During these two days, we will be available to answer questions and help you jump into the project. We prepared for you a few issues of several difficulty levels and topics so that anyone can find something to do he is comfortable with. Of course, you can feel free to add issues if you have any other idea, and we will be glad to include and discuss them.

Contact Information

Martin will be hosting a site at the University of Lille (France):

Location: Université Lille1, Villeneuve d’Ascq, Building M3 Extension, First floor, Salle du conseil Wifi: eduroam

We are also reactive on our IRC channel: #bluelatex on freenode network (or join us directly with a web client).


The issues related to the sprint are under the Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint 2015 milestone. They are categorized within different labels:

  • js requires skills in javascript and angularjs
  • css requires skills in css
  • scala requires skills in scala
  • documentation simply requires writing skills

js and css skills concern the web client part, and scala concerns the server part.

We hope you will join us to share this event together and help us improving \BlueLaTeX


To contribute, choose an issue you want to treat, and start discussion on it. Global contribution guidelines apply of course, and code must be base on branch v1.1.x.

The \BlueLaTeX team